The Guy Gilchrist’s Cartoonist’s Academy Difference:

The only online Cartoon Academy of it’s kind, with PERSONALIZED one-on-one instruction!

You want to become the best cartoonist you can be!  The Guy Gilchrist’s Cartoonist’s Academy wants to make that dream a reality with you!

Once you order your lesson package, complete with many pages of graphic and text instruction, OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU is only just beginning.

Once you have completed your lesson, you send your drawings back to us for personal comments, critique, and professional “Blue Lining”.  Guy and his professional staff will evaluate your work, correct it, and send you personalized advice on how to get even better! NO OTHER online or correspondence cartooning school gives you the one-on-one instruction you’ll get from Guy Gilchrist’s Cartooning Academy!

Other cartooning courses, from cartoonists you’ve probably never heard of, offer you the moon and the stars and deliver…what?  Impersonal pages of old cartoon “how-to” lessons as an e-book!  The same kind of un-special knowledge you could get from any old paperback Cartooning Book in any bookstore.

Then you go off practicing these sketches, never knowing whether you’re understanding the lesson or improving in any way. Guy Gilchrist’s course is completely different!

Guy, the cartoonist of Nancy, Jim Henson’s Muppets comic strip, and so much more has been teaching for 28 years…and his pupils and assistants have gone on to rich rewarding careers!  He knows how to help you.

Once you’ve completed your lesson, simply scan and attach 2 or 3 pages of drawings as an email attachment and send it to Guy Gilchrist with your transaction number in the subject line. (If you do not have a scanner don’t worry, see our correspondence school page).  Within 3-4 business days, you will receive an email from Guy and his staff with their helpful, private insights and corrected drawings for you to study.

It’s as close to being right in the Academy in Connecticut with Guy as we can possibly make it!  Our commitment to you and your art is as strong as your own commitment to cartooning, and your own hopes and dreams!

Try a lesson…and see for yourself…the Guy Gilchrist’s Cartoon Academy Difference!

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