June 6, 2005

Guy Gilchrist’s Cartoonist’s Academy has been training the cartoonists of tomorrow since March of this year. Now, through a new program, Guy and his Academy are helping some of these aspiring Cartoonist’s dreams come true in a new way.

Cartooning prodigies now have the chance to become an “Internationally Syndicated” Comic Strip Cartoonist for a day!

Mr. Gilchrist has set aside a spot in his Sunday Comic & poetry feature, “Night Lights & Pillow Fights” to showcase the best work from his best students.  “Night Lights & Pillow Fights” appears in almost 100 papers across the country, and in such diverse countries as the West Indies and the United Arab Emeritus.  The Sunday feature consists of 3 elements: The Illustrated Poem, a Mudpie comic strip, and a games and drawing lesson section.  From now on, from time to time, students who achieve the highest marks in their classes will be featured in the games and drawings section.

“This is a chance for cartoonists of all ages to experience the excitement and realization of their dreams that I feel everyday---being so blessed as I am to be a Syndicated Cartoonist.  The feeling of knowing that hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of readers are seeing their cartoons! What an amazing feeling!  It’s a wonderful opportunity to reward their hard work. I am very pleased to be able to offer this opportunity”, said Guy Gilchrist.

The first recipient of this “Syndicated Cartoonist for a Day” award goes to 14 year old Samantha Amoroso, of Torrington, CT. 

In addition to the Night Lights and Pillow Fights, Guy is also the award winning author of 44 books and the cartoonist of the beloved classic cartoon strip, Nancy®, and the faith-based feature, Your Angels Speak.  His work is seen daily in over 1000 newspapers.  Guy’s studio and Guy Gilchrist’s Cartoon Academy is located at 448 Main St., Winsted, CT, 06098. 

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